Our Process

If a storm has hit your property, immediately call ClaimSmartUSA.

When storms or weather hit your area you need to have your property thoroughly inspected. Most storm damage goes unnoticed by the untrained eye. ClaimSmartUSA has many years of experience and our trained inspectors know how to spot the damage and more importantly, how to quantify for your insurance company. If a storm has hit your property, call ClaimSmartUSA. We will give you detailed written instructions and a check list of “do’s and dont’s.”

  • Inspection

    Using Satellite imaging by Eagle View, we thoroughly document the entire property including all structures and surfaces. This enables us to develop a comprehensive report including all supporting evidence of the cause and extent of the damage.

  • Research

    We verify the type and age of all components of the building observed during our inspection and research the manufacturer’s specifications and requirements. We consult the building code and ensure that all proposed repairs conform to or exceed the building code requirements. Then the estimating team prepares a detailed scope of work and the cost to complete this work.

  • Submission

    The information is then packaged with all the photo documentation and all supporting data and code requirements ready for the insurance company’s review. We then meet with the insurance company and present our findings.

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