Hail Damage

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Hail can be a very destructive force on buildings, land, and property. Hail usually occurs with thunder storms when the upward movement of moist air causes droplets to freeze as they gain altitude. As they grow larger gravity tries to pull them back to earth, but sometimes the upward push of high pressure in a storm situation pushes the frozen droplets back up high in the atmosphere. They gather more precipitation and get bigger. This happens over and over until the hail stone is just too large to stay aloft. Depending on how many times this happens determines how big the hail gets. The larger the hail becomes, the greater the damage will be as a result.

Hail stones of an inch or more can damage many materials:

  • Steel, Plywood, Stucco, Paint
  • Siding, Roofing
  • Air Conditioners, Windows,¬†Vents, Gutters

Any time there is damage to multiple components, a complex repair is needed to remove and reinstall. There are many costs that may fall on the property owner if they do not have a professional like ClaimSmartUSA on their side.


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